Fastrikes superwide 150mm wide trike dolly 

Here by popular demand is the 150mm wide trike dolly from fastrikes 

This item can be used to tow motorcycles with the motorcycle tiedown bar (sold separately, please see other items) 


This custom dolly is manufactured from 50x30x3 box section, fits on to a standard tow ball and pins into a 4" drop plate (which is provided) 

It is finished in highly durable black powdercoat (other colours may be available for a small premium) 

All of our dolly's are made to order by our fully experienced team of welders using custom made jigs and we aim to have them fabricated and powdercoated ready to send to you within 5 working days, it can take a little longer subject to our powdercoat provider as this is the only process not done in house. 

The dolly comes with a 16mm locking bar that goes through the wheel whilst it is on the dolly. It is a universal fit and we do not gaurentee it will go through your front wheel, however, it goes through over 90% of the trikes we have tried. We do NOT recommend this as the only way of securing your precious cargo, it is designed as a secondary safety measure only! 

This is an extremely simple to use item. It is approximately 15kg, takes less than 30 seconds to attach or unattach and fits in the boot of a smart car.

Superwide trike dolly/trailer 150mm from fastrikes with drop plate

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